Monday, May 14, 2018

Game Review - Zup! DLC (Steam)

I have just completed the DLC levels for the game Zup! and I have to say, it was fairly challenging both physically and mentally. While the game only requires the use of the mouse, it does require quick reflexes to successfully complete the levels. The puzzles themselves vary in difficulty, fluctuating between being quite easy to painfully difficult. For those of you who have quick reflexes and a sharp mind, this would be a nice game to waste some time on.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Hardware Review - Magic Wand Touch Switch With Circular Touch Sensor

Magic Wand Touch Switch With Circular Touch Sensor


Today I will be reviewing a product that I have used for a very long time. The Magic Wand Touch Switch is a product designed and built by Technical Solutions Australia and is used by people with disabilities to access various electronic devices with switch inputs. It comes with a wand attachment as standard however I use the circular touch sensor instead.
My primary use of this device is for left clicking in the Windows UI and also for walking forward in FPS (First Person Shooter) games.


  • Very simple looking device with no moving parts which means less chance of damage.
  • Green indicator light to show when the switch is being pressed.
  • Red indicator light to show when the battery is low.
  • Has a 3 way switch to turn the device on, off or on with audible touch indicator.
  • Uses disability standard 3.5mm plugs to easily swap out different sensors.
  • Uses batteries which can be easily replaced.


  • Build quality of the outer casing of the device could be more robust.
  • Does not come with the option to connect to mains power as standard.




Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Game Review - Zup! (Steam)



Zup! is a very simplistic physics based puzzle game where the objective is to use the red explosive blocks to propel the blue block so that it lands flat on the green platform. This is much more difficult than it sounds as there will be plenty of obstacles in your way. These include yellow blocks which prevent the blue block from coming down on the platform, blocks that move in a certain pattern which also block your path and even gravity itself is your enemy.

A nice, quick puzzle game that's possible to beat in one sitting.


The graphics in this game are fairly minimalistic. Unfortunately there are no colourblind options in this game so if you have problems seeing certain colours then this game may not be suitable for you.


There really isn't much to say about the audio. The music is relaxing while the only sound effect is the sound of the exploding blocks and the sound of the door opening at the end of the level. This game is suitable for the hearing impaired as the audio isn't really a factor.


The gameplay is extremely simple however there are some levels which require quick reflexes. The controls are entirely mouse driven and only left click is required.


There is no dedicated options screen in the main menu however there is a small settings button in the corner while playing the game itself. The only option available is to turn the music on or off.


  • Puzzle
  • No colourblind options
  • Suitable for the hearing impaired
  • Entirely mouse driven
  • Left click only